Company ’Ivera’ was founded on 14 07 1995.The headquarters of the company is in the centre of the town of Belgrade at Beogradska str. No. 36, where the commercial-technical and administrative departments are located, while the production and warehouse facilities (of about 1.500 m²) are in Viline vode str. bb in industrial zone of Belgrade. 

'Ivera' is consisted of two organizational units (commercial department and construction investments department), while the third organizational unit is a subsidiary ’Super-positive’ d.o.o., Belgrade which is engaged in production of small packed food stuff articles.  


Throughout the years of its existance, with the expansion of its business activities 'Ivera' has enlarged the available manpower, and at the moment it has 20 employees, including the company ’Super-positive’..

All employees of IVERA company are here to improve the quality of YOUR life, improve the functioning of your company or to enable you to acquire your life or work space.



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